MDLinx reader survey responses: The opioid crisis in the United States

MDLinx reader survey responses

MDLinx reader survey responses: The opioid crisis in the United States


Experts from the Department of Health and Human Services and the US National Institutes of Health have developed strategies to deal with this crisis.

MDLinx editors took this latest survey to the readers to better evaluate the impact of opioid readers’ crisis, practices and prescription patterns, and determine their views on possible solutions.

In general, responses indicate that the opioid crisis affected the way most opioid prescribers prescribe, and personally in their own practices. Most doctors, however, are not convinced that government intervention will help alleviate the opioid crisis. Finally, three-quarters of them favored a registry of national or state opioid use within the electronic health records of patients (EHR).

Here is a breakdown of what the readers’ responses revealed:

Immediate effects in practice. Most medical respondents (60.10%) reported that the opioid epidemic had an impact on their practice, with adverse effects due to concomitant use of other prescription products, or overdose of opiate abuse. A smaller percentage (27.40%), however, said that it had no effect on their practices, while 12.50% said they did not know whether it was or not.

The comments to this question vary considerably, from “I work in an emergency room. I see this problem every day.” “I am a radiologist, and I do not care about patients directly.”

Effects on prescription patterns. When asked if the opioid crisis changed the way they prescribe opioids, most doctors (66.50%) said they prescribed fewer pills and / or for a shorter duration or a lower dose.

This was followed by 25% who reported that the prescription of opioids was not applicable to their practices and 8.5% who responded that they have not changed the way they prescribe opioids because “they rely on their patients to regulate themselves .

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