Dragon Ball Z has had a lot of fighting games over the years with degrees of quality, but none has made us more excited than Dragon Ball FighterZ. Visually, it’s pretty easy to see why, but there’s more to this game than what is known, so we’re here to break all you need to know about Dragon Ball FighterZ.

First, let’s talk about the fighting system of the game. As it is a title of Arc System Works, the commands are very similar to those of Guilty Gear, BlazBlue and Persona 4 Arena. It is a four-button combat system with light, medium and heavy attacks, then the fourth button is assigned to projectiles.

12 Minutes Dragonball Z Fighter Gameplay – E3 2017
Just like the recent trend in fighting games, newcomers can crush the light attack button for quick and easy combo but this just happen to the point of losing the big damage that should be taken when combining regular attacks, pitchers , Special movements and super movements. But only Dragon Ball FighterZ is the addition of a search head attack, which allows players to quickly rush to his opponent with the simple push of a button to launch a combo, or run after a pitcher for an air combo . Needless to say that the air combos will be a big part of the gameplay of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

And, of course, you have your super meter, which governs the use of super moves and other special skills. Can be loaded in the form of standard fighting game simply hit an opponent or get hit, but can also be loaded into the real Dragon Ball Z form to shout at the top of their lungs. You also have Dragon Rushes, which are basically blows and can go through an enemy blocking guard, pushing the blocks to put some distance between you and an aggressive enemy and maneuvering costs teleport commanded a great bar but teleports behind an enemy at A quick cross place.

Dragon Ball Game FighterZ Official Trailer – E3 2017
As for the characters, the developers were mostly calm on who can wait to see Fill the list, but for now we have seven confirmed characters: Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Freezer, Cell, Buu, And recently announced Future Trunks. Regarding how to play, Cell Goku and feel like more rounded, not particularly exceptional or hesitant in an area. Gohan and Vegeta are aggressive and aggressively protruding on his face with dizzying speed, and Freezer is particularly well off by far with many long-range attacks, including the Destructo Unlockable disc. Then there is Buu, a relatively slow power.

Dragon Ball FighterZ also has a very similar mechanics to X-Factor Marvel vs Capcom 3 as the return Sparking explosion. Players can only use once a breath Sparking game, and popping will give a character an immediate boost to power, as well as the regeneration of the entire blue life. It can be used in combos as a way to expand and increase their damage, or can be used defensively to get out of a bad situation.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Official Gameplay Trailer 2 – E3 2017
It should also be mentioned that this is perhaps the most faithful source material source Dragon Ball video game that has never existed. Even go beyond the appearance of the game, which is impressive in its attention to detail, almost all maneuvers, pose, mockery and pose is taken directly from the source material.

Then, taking a page from the book Marvel vs Capcom, Dragon Ball FigtherZ is 3-on-3 fights with all the depth and complexity that go hand in hand with it. Medical assistance can be called down with a pressure trigger and left bumper, labels can now be down, and you can even make delayed Hyperactive combos entering the super command of your teammate and By pressing the assist button during the super character character. As you can imagine, any character that has been marked slowly regenerate health, so it’s important to manage the health bars of your characters, while also’ll be careful not to score carelessly when your opponent can punish.

Basically, all of this will be very familiar to anyone who has played one of the Marvel vs Capcom games but so far it seems that Dragon Ball FighterZ does a great job of adapting the 3v3 style and putting a spin Dragon Ball Z on it.