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Film vs Digital

Film vs Digital

Film vs Digital


Film vs. Digital – If I were to drive home in the West Country of England all the way to Scotland would choose my comfortable, familiar 1.8 Hatchback. Imagine the surprise I would make if I stopped in Carlisle for a traffic officer who told me my car could not go any farther, and would need a 4-liter SUV to continue the journey.

But it’s more or less that camera seller tried to tell me last week. His theory was that the only way was before with digital photography. I gave him my opinion, and after a while he agreed with me that I had a point.

Canon AE-very expensive 1P is still strong, yet capable of producing quality images after all these years (I bought it in 1982). Never “date has passed. In fact, my twenty-two-year-old camera is almost as common as the newcomer Canon EOS 350D. And it will continue for a few years. You do not believe me every time you get a new film emulsion can load and use, update the vital heart of my camera and restore my art of performance.

So I’m sad old dinosaur hiding in the dusty corners of old photo shops looking for an external widget to double 1965 male left-handed? No, I also have a Canon EOS 300 35mm camera, so I autofocus and part measurement as well. I like a Canon EOS 350D as many other photographers, and one day I will have one. But for now and maybe for a few years my old film camera still has a number of advantages over digital.

So what are the possible benefits of waiting a week or more for my Sensia andVelvia to be developed and referred to me on digital shots?

Well, it is very simple. In my price range, the resolution of the film still has a big advantage on the digital. And even a digital SLR input level with a lens costs more than my entire body gadget bag and lenses I have built in a number of years. Another point to consider is that I have a hard copy of my photo shoot as a movie I shot.

I love the slide movie, so I can see my photos, evaluate and select the best, which is half the fun of photography, whether digital or based on the film! If I shot a hard film would even have a bunch of photos to show the family. You can not do it with digital photos without visiting a photo lab anyway. Film does not smart you worry about erasing the contents of my camera (yes that happened to a friend of mine), it is true that his fault was partly but did not recover their photos.

What about Photoshop? This is the biggest advantage of digital photography these days! Certainly, I do not want to deprive myself of this precious photographic tool. No, I do not! I take advantage of all the way! I select my best pictures (or I need help) and I scan to a very high resolution by a local photo lab (and use Photoshop to do things that recently dreamed of in the darkroom). I can then get a great impression made to hang on the wall.

I have a digital, a little compact. 5MP Canon S50 in my gadget bag with my Canon AE-1P and my Canon EOS 300 35mm film cameras. I think I have the best of all possible worlds! I can do digital photos, I can use Photoshop, and I can produce really great photos for the wall the size of the poster everywhere … And you? No, not without a professional camera of 22 million pixels of Hasselblad costing several thousand pounds.

It is possible to continue using my old Canon long after some of the new brilliant digital cameras are producing. So my gadget bag will always have a corner for my old movie body and a lens or two, even after having a high-end digital camera range – that while you can get the movie is.