Electric or Gas – Why You May Want to Go With an Electric Mulching Lawn Mower

There are a lot of benefits to switching from an old gasoline powered mower to an electric mulching lawn mower. One of the biggest drawbacks to a gas mower is the fact that it uses gasoline. Gasoline is expensive, messy and it pollutes. Gas powered mowers also require oil and quite a bit of maintenance. The major benefit to a gasoline mower, and the reason why a lot of people are hesitant to switch to an electric one, is that gas mowers are generally considered to be more powerful and do a better job of cutting and you also don’t need to worry about an extension cord. But the benefits that gas mowers have over electric are changing.

For a lot of people the main concerns about using an electric mulching lawn mower are that it won’t be as powerful, you’ll have to navigate around an extension cord, or if you use a cordless mower it will be heavy and difficult to maneuver. The concerns that people used to have about electric mowers are fading away. As technology advances electric motors are becoming more powerful while using less electricity and batteries are getting smaller and lighter in weight. This eliminates a lot of the problems that people had with electric mowers in the past.

When I needed to find a good mower that was also capable of mulching I wanted to find an electric mower to avoid the ongoing costs and maintenance associated with gasoline powered units. I researched quite a few mowers and found a few that I like quite a bit. One that looked pretty good was the Neuton CE 5.4. This is a 24 V cordless unit that can either bag clippings or be used for mulching. It has a very quiet rotary motor and is pretty easy to use with the majority of reviewers being happy with the battery life on this particular unit.

Another option that looked quite good was the Black & Decker MM875 Lawn Hog. This particular mower is not cordless but it is a powerful, 12 amp mulching mower and it received a lot of good reviews on some of the various shopping sites. Two of the best mowers I found during my research were the Earthwise 50018 and the Earthwise 50120. The only real difference between the two is that one has an 18 inch blade and the other has a 20 inch blade. They are both powerful, quiet and easy to maneuver. A good number of reviews came from people that were previously using gas powered mowers and during my research these two mowers had some of the highest user ratings online.

An electric mulching lawn mower is a great choice and does not have the same limitations that electric mowers had a number of years ago. The electric options available today can be every bit as powerful and cut just as well as gas powered mowers without the drawbacks of gasoline, oil, maintenance and pollution. A good electric mower is clean, quiet and virtually maintenance free.

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